it has come to this

UntitledIt has come to this. I am now a cliche: a crazy cat lady, albeit online and via app.

Out of sheer boredom and curiosity, I downloaded the game, Neko Atsume. It’s a very simple game–you just buy toys and refill food in your backyard for the cats to come. The cats will play with your toys and eat your food (that fat Mr Tubbs! We’ll get there) and will leave you gifts of silver or gold fish which you can use to buy more food and toys and eventually expand your garden and house. That is all there is to the game! You can further challenge yourself to get the rare cats to come over, collect the mementos, take funny photos, and so on.

I just started a few days ago and… what have I become?! I don’t even like cats, but the graphics of Neko Atsume are so cute and it’s fun to check out the cats coming over. They all have personalities and preferred toys. I have been going on Reddit and Quora to read up on other players’ tips and tricks on how to get more fish, which toys or goodies have the best return on investment or attracting the rare cats. So far, the only rare cat I’ve gotten is Tubbs (who, for some reason, I call “Mr Tubbs.” Did I mention you can rename the cats?), who always eats all the food and lazes around until he feels like it, but gives a whole lot of fish if you leave him alone (don’t refill the food while he is around or else he won’t give a lot of fish!).

Crazy, right? It’s a very simple game, and your only competition is yourself and what challenges you can come up to make the game fun. I’ve been playing this game and I think my biggest challenge is, aside from thinking which goodies have the best ROI, is to stop myself from checking my phone! Sometimes I don’t want to miss out on certain cats or seeing who popped by, since it can be checked via the Catbook, but still. There’s something so amusing and calming about watching cartoon cats hanging around your make-believe backyard.


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